Deep learning

We create Infrastructure for neural networks to analyze huge datasets
stored in cloud services.

While AI and Big Data offer a lot of potentials and actionable insights, the large and rapidly growing number of information hidden in unstructured data requires introduction of advanced technologies and other disciplinary teams such as data science, data engineering and business, working in close collaboration. As data volume continues to grow, creating the need for more processing power and advanced graphics processor becomes more relevant. Deep learning is the way to go!

At Rumble Fish, we build sophisticated and scalable deep learning pipelines that enable data scientists to deploy deep learning applications on blockchain platforms comfortably. With deep learning, organizations are able to decipher the power of unstructured data to deliver transformative use cases that influence methods such as automatic translation, image interpretation and natural language processing.
Tools & Technologies
Tools we are using in development process.
“The developers at Rumble Fish are professional and capable of producing high quality code. More importantly, they bring their experience to advanced problems, providing intelligent and well thought out solutions. Highly recommended!”
Ari Kardasis, Founder and CTO of The Ocean X
We put your ideas and imaginations down to clear concept & strategy
Architecture, Design and Development stage
Final approval, testing, go live in sync with marketing and sales
User feedback, lifecycle maintenance & support, continuous growth
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