Blockchain IoT

We bring an innovative end-to-end IoT solution
that merges real time capabilities on a blockchain platform.

The Industrial IoT demands high security. Fog networking for blockchain offers that and a whole lot more. The conventional approach involves moving data to a central server for processing, which upsurges latency and decreases available bandwidth across the network. To bridge the gap between the central cloud and the decentralized cyber-physical systems on the edge, the importance of fog networking cannot be understated.

Implementing a blockchain-protected security fabric is an innovative approach to enable fog networking adoption. Blockchain is a technology that can be used for access control and decentralized data storage. By sharing security data across all the nodes in its network and enforcing immutable records, blockchain technology is redundant, tamper-proof and self-healing.

To this end, we specialize in building fog infrastructures of RaspberryPI agents units which interact with Ethereum blockchain. Our aim is to connect with real-world problems by using a reliable oracle to provide data feeds of physical measurements. Monitoring swarms of autonomous agents is not a trivial task. It requires robust monitoring and keeping track of all the versions of software which co-exist throughout the cluster. This is what we live for.
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