Blockchain Development

Dapp's that enable you to stand out from your competitors.

Aesthetically appealing websites enable you to stand out from your competitors and help you maintain existing visitors while attracting new visitors. Coupled with interactivity, it enhances user experience even more.

Our Development Team are proficient in building unique, interactive and beautiful web applications using React + Redux. Our DApp development services guarantee better usability – absolutely intuitive UI that reflects real-world business data. On the dark side, most web apps experience glitches during data load from Blockchain. This is caused by the need of scanning the whole blockchain for Events related to a particular app. We're proud to have solved this problem through an internal tool that we use for caching application-scope events.

One of our mantras is heavy testing and for that purpose we use Jest. For deployment of DApps, we use AWS CloudFront. We recommend this approach to our partners because, it covers standard concerns of making application sustain peaks of load and protecting it from DDoS, etc.
Tools & Technologies
Tools we are using in development process.
“The developers at Rumble Fish are professional and capable of producing high quality code. More importantly, they bring their experience to advanced problems, providing intelligent and well thought out solutions. Highly recommended!”
Ari Kardasis, Founder and CTO of The Ocean X
We put your ideas and imaginations down to clear concept & strategy
Architecture, Design and Development stage
Final approval, testing, go live in sync with marketing and sales
User feedback, lifecycle maintenance & support, continuous growth
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